Product Placement Services

In the simplest terms, product placement occurs when an identifiable product or service appears on screen within a TV show or film. The most common question asked about it is; why? Why would a TV show or film choose to provide exposure for a brand within their production? The answer is…reality. Imagine walking through your modern life without seeing any trace of brand names. No signs, no storefronts, no badging on the cars. It would look surreal. The real world has brands and the majority of productions are attempting to recreate the real world on screen. That means there must be brands. Fake products, or “greeked” brands, as we refer to imitations like that Budweiser can that just says, “Beer,” are also obvious to the consumer’s eye and pull them from the reality the producers are trying to create. This means that real brands with real, often recognizable, names and logos are necessary for the viewer to accept fiction as reality.

But not all product placements are good. Few brands want their product found at the scene of a violent crime. No liquor brand wants the character seen drinking their product and then getting behind the wheel, etc. An experienced product placement agent will approach the project as if they were the set decorator, prop master, location coordinator and director. They will examine the script and consider not only the context of the scene into which the client is to be placed but the scenes surrounding it and characters with whom it will engage. A high-tech gaming laptop is unlikely to be used by a senior citizen for Soduku puzzles, but in the hands of a hacker character the product and the placement actually helps to identify one another. That’s a perfect placement.

Properly executed product placements are like a marriage; both the production and the product must form a perfect couple. Some placements, like subway signage or appearances on the shelves of retail establishments, may not constitute a co-starring role, but it is still important for the right product to appear in the appropriate place. HERO applies knowledge of our clients with productions needs to create a perfect match every time.

Client Testimonials

“After eight years of working with HERO, I think it’s safe to say that we consider them a sound investment.”

Promotions Manager
Financial Times

“We have worked with Julie at HERO for over 10 years now. From day one HERO has been great to work with and helped turn Lumber Liquidators from a no name company to the largest supplier of hardwood flooring in the US.”

Lumber Liquidators

“I have worked with HERO frequently throughout my 22-year tenure here at Fox on dozens and dozens of films. I have always found [them] to be reliable and extremely trustworthy!”

VP, Production Resources
20th Century Fox

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