Nexo Capital (Crypto-backed Loans)

Owners of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum no longer have to sell their crypto assets when they need access to fiat currencies. Nexo’s live platform offers them the ability to borrow against their crypto rather than sell it. This is the best of both worlds – instant access to cash and retaining ownership of the cryptocurrencies.

Who are Nexo clients?

Cryptocurrency Investors
Cryptocurrency investors can receive immediate funding based on the market value of their Bitcoin, Ethereum or other liquid cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets or utility tokens.

Crypto Miners
Covering capital expenses such as computing power needed by Crypto Miners in order to stay competitive and grow their operations, often requires liquidation of mining rewards. This can be avoided by opening an instant crypto loan with Nexo.

Hedge Funds
Hedge Funds who have invested in cryptocurrencies, ICO tokens and other digital assets can leverage their portfolio by obtaining instant crypto loan from Nexo and take advantage of new investment opportunities.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms can use Nexo’s instant crypto-backed loan to raise necessary funds to finance their margin lending and trading services.

ICO and Crypto Companies
Instead of directly selling the cryptocurrency raised from an ICO or generated in the course of business, crypto companies can now setup an instant crypto loan to meet their working capital and operating expenses requirements.

Gamers and Virtual Reality Users
There are 2.2 billion gamers and VR users who trade in-game and VR items valued at over $50 billion. Instead of selling the items and losing the opportunity to use them in the future, they can now be used in an Nexo Wallet to meet short-term liquidity needs.



Placement Tools

Nexo branded USB drives, credit cards, computer website and mobile graphics, signage, placement fees, etc.

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