Wine Traders International

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Wine Traders International is a group of wineries in Bordeaux, France producing among others, Chateau Gaby Cuvee, a high-end wine with a price tag of $238 per bottle. Our goal was to align the brand with characters who could afford such a luxury.

Game Plan

There are several TV shows that focus on the lives of rich people, but none does so more obviously than the Showtime hit Billions. The show’s lead character, billionaire Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis), is already established as a wine lover who frequently shares a bottle with his wife, Lara (Malin Akerman). HERO introduced the brand to the production’s decision-makers and they agreed that Chateau Gaby Cuvee was Axe’s brand of luxury.


Because of the regular enjoyment of wine on the show, an opportunity for the placement was not long in coming. HERO arranged for Bobby and Wendy to enjoy a bottle in their palatial home with a specific guarantee of clear label exposure. Not only did the exposure exceed expectations, a well-known TV personality was watching, and the implied endorsement from the fictitious Axelrods led to the purchase of two cases, which will no doubt be shared with other Hollywood tastemakers.


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Impressions: 6.3M