Haworth Chairs

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Haworth is a global leader in high-end, environmentally green, ergonomic office task chairs. They wanted ubiquity on screen and, more specifically, to have higher visibility than their competitor Aeron. With a customer base of Fortune 500 companies, Haworth would derive great benefits from a direct association with Silicon Valley tech companies where design and work flow was paramount.

Game Plan

HBO productions do not accept fees for placement, so the only placement method that could successfully get Haworth’s chairs on the set of Silicon Valley happened to be HERO’s specialty; personal relationships. We worked with the set decorator and production designer to choose the latest line of Very chairs in styles and colors that brought authenticity to the set.


The chairs received exceptional exposure throughout the series and a glowing verbal endorsement within the show when one of the leads described them thusly, “A word to the wise – the Haworths are like a spa day for the buttocks.” Haworth’s sales team has been quoting him ever since.


Impressions: 5.4M
Verbal mention: 1
NY Times Article with Brand Mention: 1
Seconds on Camera: 74