Green Garmento

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THE GREEN GARMENTO™ is an eco-friendly 4-in-1 reusable garment bag that can help you green your dry-cleaning routine. It was honored with the 2009 Design Defined award from The International Home & Housewares Association and was an Editor’s Choice Award nominee from The International Hotel & Motel & Restaurant Association. What the brand wanted was simply brand awareness.

Game Plan

HERO receives hundreds of green lit scripts a year and breaks them down looking for opportunities for clients, but when the script for the Internship starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn came in we knew we had something special. The film takes place on the Google campus which we happened to know provides dry cleaning for its employees.


How could production resist this environmentally friendly, photogenic garment/dry cleaning bag? They couldn’t. The Green Garmento received no less than 50 seconds of logo straight to camera, hands on with a lead! This exceptional exposure also provided HERO with an unusual bonus. Because the brand is based in Los Angeles, we were able to arrange for the principals to attend the premiere. The phone call we received (late… on our cell) sounded like Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July mashed into one hysterical explosion. Needless to say the client was pleased.


Hands On With Lead
Media value: 3,302,529
Impressions: 34M
Seconds on camera: 50
Call from client excited about the placement at the premiere: 1