What Companies Pay for Product Placement

The thing most brands want to know when they call HERO is what companies pay for product placement. And of course we answer, how much have you got?  Actually, the prices for placement vary greatly. Over the next three blogs, we will examine case studies on the various costs associated with product placement for movies and TV.

The lowest price a brand can pay for a placement is very low.  How about $0.00!  Believe it or not, the majority of the exposures HERO secures for our clients cost them nothing beyond retaining HERO, which is actually surprisingly reasonable.  As an established agency, we’ve had over seventeen years to create and nurture professional and friendly relationships with the key production people who can get brands on the air or on the big screen.

In this summer’s popular comedy, The Other Woman, HERO client Turkey Hill Ice Cream enjoyed some great screen time along side Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann and paid production zero.

IOther Woman, Then fact, they didn’t even need to supply the ice cream!  Empty ice cream cartons were shipped to production and made their way onto Cameron Diaz’ bed! Why, one might wonder, would production not just go get some ice cream for the film?  Herein lies the secret of product placement in the movies and TV.  Productions need two things: products that will recreate the real world, which is replete with brands and legal clearance to use those products on screen. Product placement makes both of those things available.  No fee is required because both brand and production benefit.

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