Vergara placement "in the bag"

The paparazzi may take the pictures lots of people want to see but the paparazzi don’t tend to be well-liked. Well, we at HERO Entertainment Marketing certainly like the one who took this picture of Sofia Vergara!  Taken during the shooting of the film, “Chef,” the intrepid shutterbug didn’t only capture the image of the voluptuous actress, but her lovely handbag.  The handbag, as it happens, is a product placement made by HERO for our client Glass Handbag. Had the bag been opened, the photographer would have had additional lighting source for the shot; the bag’s interior illuminates up when the bag is opened!

Chef - sofia Vergara

One of the things HERO assures our clients is that, provided the material doesn’t conflict with their brand image, virtually any brand integration or simple product placement we present them with, is worth executing.  When the product(s) are on the set anything can happen and media impressions could potentially be acquired and that, ultimately, is the name of the game.

In a previous blog post we shared a press beauty shot from the film, “About Last Night,” that featured a Zoo York logo.  That exact shot never actually made it into the film, but Zoo York received who-knows-how-many impressions from the still in the film’s EPK.  In the case of Sofia and the Glass Handbag, we won’t know how the finished product will look on the screen for months, but we can already celebrate a great hands-on shot with the star.  And, in this case, the paparazzi stills may actually be more beneficial to our client that the screen result because it associates the brand with the actress not the film and what women’s fashion accessory wouldn’t want to be associated with this omnipresent and decidedly fashionable bombshell?