The Exposure is Just the Beginning

Getting your brand integrated into a production like, say, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 is, of course, great and in the old days that was the beginning and end of the exposure the brand would receive. But for today’s media savvy brands, the screen hit is just the beginning.  With social media becoming far less an option and more an undeniable force delivered by an entertainment marketing agency like HERO, product placement exposures now possess a new superpower; they deliver the kind of posting fodder that keeps followers…following.  So now when we are called upon to explain the benefits of HERO’s product placement program, we hasten to add that what we deliver is something arguably more valuable than simply having your brand share the screen with a well-known celebrity or widely-viewed production; it’s fuel for the social media fire.

Paul Blart 2

The chart in this link was created by Search Engine Journal in 2014, so we can assume the numbers have only grown. On it you’ll see that brands are relying more and more on getting their word out via channels separate from traditional ad buys. The problem many of them face isless where to post their social media announcements, but what to post!  Sure, your new packaging or service makes for an interesting Tweet or Pinterest pic, but those posts have to keep on coming and the content has to always be engaging.  This means that even though Panda Express already enjoyed 12,697,000 impressions and will continue to accumulate them throughout the life of the production just by being in the film, they can stretch that exposure even further with posts and follow up posts on the various forms of social media that they are already cultivating.

Brand exposure is an engine, and until someone invents a perpetual motion machine for advertising, that engine needs combustible fuel. Exposures in film and TV tap directly into the public’s media obsessions and fill that marketing engine with rocket fuel.  Based on that analogy, HERO is as much a marketing agency as we are a gas station and in our own way, we’d like to think that we don’t just fill our client’s tanks, we also check the oil and wash the windshield.