Pressed for Success: Brand Integration in "The Internship" Gives Google a Run for Their Money.

Internship - GG

It’s Friday night, June 2nd (not now… in the story) and Julie and I are watching TV (we’re married to HERO and each other).  The phone rings at about 10:15 and we’re surprised because we’re both comfortably over forty and people over forty who don’t have teenage kids don’t get calls at night.  The caller ID tells me it’s our clients, Rick and Jen from The Green Garmento.  When possible we try to maintain some level of personal as well as professional relationship with the brands we represent so the call was hardly an imposition.  When I hit “accept call” I am inundated with an avalanche of undecipherable excited laughing and shouting.  It took me about one second to grasp what was happening.

The Green Garmento is a reusable dry cleaning bag (as well as a garment bag, laundry bag and hamper bag). You may have seen it on Shark Tank.  HERO placed a slew of them in the film “The Internship” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  When we can we like to offer our clients perks like tickets to the premieres of films into which we have placed their products.  That was the case here and clearly, Rick and Jen had just emerged from the theater.

In sixteen years of representing brands for product placement we have never heard this kind of excitement!  Frankly, we couldn’t even make out half of what they said. The words were gushing out of them like water from a decapitated fire hydrant.  The gist was this; we scored them some crazy-good exposure; hands on, sharing the screen with star cast for an unbelievable amount of time.  Because Julie is hopelessly addicted to product placement, this news rushed into her like a syringe full of vitamin B-12. She did not sleep that night.

This is what brand integration is all about; the right product in the right property for the right reasons.  You can already check out the exposure online because the scene has been released as promo (which means even more impressions!) here:

For more information about how your products or services can get this kind of exposure, give us a call… we’ll be up.