What is a Perfect Product Placement?

We all know that product placement means integrating a brand into a TV show or film, but what is a perfect example of one? Truth be told, there is no one one answer to this question. In fact the answer changes for every brand and every placement. A single brand could have various versions of what they would view as perfect.

For example, the African American DJ character in the hit Liam Neeson film Non-Stop is wearing a clearly branded Rocawear hoodie placed by HERO. That is a perfect product placement: the right guy, the right film, the right wardrobe. Had that same character been wearing HERO client Ed Hardy or if Neeson would have been wearing Rocawear, the exposure would have been a failure. The job of a placement is to reinforce the brand image and a character wearing the wrong logo actually does a brand a disservice.

Another example: Haworth Chairs are upscale and green. Placing the chairs on shows like “The Good Wife” or in films like the Oscar nominated “Her” are appropriate and reinforces the brand nicely.  Placing the chairs in Max and Caroline’s apartment on “2 Broke Girls,” would create a poor brand association.

A good product placement agency has an in-depth knowledge of their client’s branding initiatives and placement assets and uses a combination of information and materials not just to obtain any exposure they can, but to seek out and seize the perfect product placements, or PPP.