Just Spell My Name Right!

The title of this blog is taken from an oft-used phrase deployed by public figures spurned by the press.  Essentially, it means, “I don’t care what they said about me, they put my name in front of people, and that has value.”  While there are, of course, exceptions to the rule, overall, the philosophy is sound.  Fame is accomplished only one-way; a high level of visibility.  Celebrities, politicians and others craving the spotlight know that the higher their profile in the public eye, the better it usually is for business.  Since brands also require constant awareness to maintain their popularity, the Just Spell My Name Right meme should still apply.

Over the years dozens of articles have been published in all manner of publications taking pot shots at product placements in films and TV shows.  Brands looking for a product placement agency might well read these articles and wonder if product placement is the best route for them.  For instance, if a brand manager were to see an actual headline like, “10 Painfully Obvious Examples of Product Placement in Movies,” they might think, “Uh-oh, product placement is painful and obvious!”  But what they might want to consider is that the headline will be followed by a list of ten brand names, each of which is getting a bonus exposure.  And those exposures place the brand’s name in front of the reader; ticking off one more of the mandatory reminders their consumers need on a constant basis to keep their brand top of mind.

As we have discussed in previous blogs, negative exposures, like a food or beverage brand making the consumer ill, or a mechanical device malfunctioning, are bad.  One of our responsibilities as an agency is to prevent our clients from being used in such instances, but when the product serves its purpose properly and is shown in a favorable light, let the bloggers and journalists bellyache all they’d like about the medium. Just spell the name right.