HERO is a specialized marketing agency. Our specialty is getting our clients’ brands on camera in films, TV shows and other OTT programming. The results expose the brands to millions of viewers and create important fodder for compelling social media programs. Simple enough, yes? But exactly how do we do it?

The answer to how to get product placement in movies and TV shows centers on a single word.  Relationships.  HERO maintains relationships with hundreds of the decision makers who must beat the clock every day to make sure the sets and props needed for their productions are there when the cameras roll. Production is famously a ‘hurry up and wait’ undertaking. HERO operates in that hurry up space. So, when the script calls for, say, a computer genius to be outfitted with cutting edge gaming hardware, our job is to see to it that the prop master already knows that HERO represents a world leader in the field, Razer.

While, again, HERO functions in the hurry up space, our position there is actually the result of a very long wait! If our business relied of foot traffic, like an ice cream stand, the only preparation that would be required would be a stock of flavors and proficiency with a scoop. Being a leading product placement agency requires relationships that take years to cultivate. With nineteen years in operation (and our founder working in the industry for five more before that), HERO has the friendships and trust required to be in the loop when the computer genius needs gaming hardware, or the tree house roof needs roofing shingles or the wealthy diners need wine or, yes, even when the kids need ice cream.