Bethenny Spins Product Placement Upside Down and Makes HERO the Product Placement!

Product placement takes on myriad forms. Of course there are the organic placements in scripted TV shows and films, the often fee-based placements in reality and competitions shows, but there’s yet another area…talk shows. The primary differentiation between HERO’s placements in scripted material is the fee; in scripted is there more often than not, no fee due to production. However, in talk shows there is usually some additional expense. Not all brands are perfectly suited for this kind of placement, but those that are can get some pretty amazing results for a surprisingly fair price.

Placement on a talk show can generally be negotiated but two conditions must be met: the item for placement must be appropriate for the show and one of those items must be given to each member of the studio audience and, typically, have a retail value of $100 or more. There are ways to build on that by negotiating for Facebook posts, tweets and links from the show’s website to the brand’s. Here, as in virtually all product placements, a brand is apt to derive the best results from their placement if it’s negotiated by a reputable agency (we’d be happy to recommend one… ). HERO has made some interesting placements on talk shows including a Sleep Number Bed demonstration in a sleep segment on “The View” (no, they didn’t have to give everyone in the audience a bed!) a K-Mart donation to a worthy recipient on Ellen and product giveaways for various brands on Rachel Ray, Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey and more.

But it wasn’t until HERO did a placement on Bethenny that things got weird. Bethenny has a segment on her show called, “Bethenny in your Business.” This is a recurring segment on the hit talk show where hostess Bethenny Frankel’s business expertise is put to use advising and assisting new businesses. On the February 19th show, Squlz (pronounced Skulls), a company that sells Velcro bracelets with interchangeable patches will get more than just advice. The home business started by a mom and her kids in Miami, Florida, will also stand to get the kind of integrated exposure usually only enjoyed by more established brands.  It was Bethenny’s feeling that the company would benefit from product placement. HERO was very flattered to get the call from the producers who described us thus, “Bethenny wants her friend to be represented by the best in the business.” So, HERO now proudly represents Squlz and may be the first product placement agency in history to actually be a product placement itself!