An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer

Syms Clothing is a chain of stores that began decades ago in Lyndhurst, N.J.  (They are not a HERO client, which makes that mention a product placement within a product placement blog!)  Back in the 80’s the chain ran a TV commercial in heavy rotation which featured a slogan that possessed enough substance to stick, “Syms, where an educated consumer is our best customer.”

Actually, a Forbes magazine’s exposé in 2009 revealed that in Syms case nothing could be further from the truth.  The basis of their success is the sale of lesser quality suits with very high quality names, produced in legal but cleverly deceptive ways. However, the notion of a business succeeding based on consumer knowledge was compelling.

In today’s world of entertainment marketing, you might wonder if product placement is right for your brand, product or company. HERO has taken the Syms slogan totally to heart, which means we don’t actually do sales – we educate. In the earliest stages of investigation some brands wonder how to contact companies for product placement. We believe that an initial conversation may have very little to do with hiring and much more to do with exchanging information about the brand and the agency. Unless a brand has experience in this area, our first conversation is based entirely in education; educating ourselves about the client’s business and exposure desires and educating them about how HERO could help achieve those goals.  We don’t add everyone who calls to our roster. Sometimes that’s because the call was simply exploratory and the brand isn’t ready to commit to a program or sometimes it’s because we don’t believe what we offer is perfect for the brand. When an inquiring brand feels comfortable with HERO and we feel we can go above and beyond providing the services they require, then we can move forward together.  In many cases this leads to agency/client relationships that flourish for more than a decade!

If you represent a brand or product and you’re considering product placement as a way to gain cost-effective mass exposure within films and TV shows, contacting HERO is a great way to start because (all together now), “An educated consumer is our best customer!”