As the client of a marketing agency, what it your primary concern? It’s likely, “What are they doing for me?” HERO answers that question without having to say a word. There is never a time when our clients are left wondering.

First, there’s our proprietary app called the Sidekick. Each and every move we make on our client’s behalf is logged in our system and with urgent notes an email is generated informing our client. All of the client’s data is archived for reference anytime.

Second, because our clients approve every product placement HERO makes on their behalf, they sometimes have questions. We believe those questions are often most expediently answered during an actual, honest-to-goodness person-to-person conversation! So, the HERO coordinator handling the project, whether it’s Ray Donovan, Insecure or a Marvel or DC franchise film, will get on the phone whenever it’s needed. Beyond facilitating a discussion about a particular placement, it provides a chance for our team and our clients to establish easy rapport and a friendship.

Whenever we can, we provide a proof of performance still photo of our client’s product on set. While they’re for internal use only, they provide another peek into how a placement is progressing

Every aspect of the product placement process is documented and made available to our clients. When it comes to transparency, HERO is like Space Ghost; you can see right through us!

Client Testimonials

“After eight years of working with HERO, I think it’s safe to say that we consider them a sound investment.”

Promotions Manager
Financial Times

“We have worked with Julie at HERO for over 10 years now. From day one HERO has been great to work with and helped turn Lumber Liquidators from a no name company to the largest supplier of hardwood flooring in the US.”

Lumber Liquidators

“I have worked with HERO frequently throughout my 22-year tenure here at Fox on dozens and dozens of films. I have always found [them] to be reliable and extremely trustworthy!”

VP, Production Resources
20th Century Fox

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