Every great superhero has a sidekick and we are no exception. But our Sidekick does much more than bring the HERO mobile around!

The HERO Sidekick is a proprietary product placement client portal that provides our clients with 24/7/365 updates of every stage of their program and offers complete transparency of our program. Unlike agencies that update clients on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual report, Sidekick updates minute-by-minute, so HERO clients never have to ask for a status update.

Imagine having all this information in real time with the click of a mouse:

Placement / Seeding Opportunities:

When HERO presents an opportunity for your brand to be seen on-screen, all of the information to guide you to make an informed decision (demographics, projected rating, talent, distributor, etc.) can be found in one convenient location.


If your team likes the opportunity and the context in which your product would be featured, approvals happen with a click of the mouse. And if you have questions or suggestions, you can comment within the page. Every time an opportunity is approved, the HERO team immediately receives an alert, so they can pitch the production.

Placement Status:

Once we pitch your brand to production they will either request product or pass. Either way, you’re alerted. Product fulfillment is shipped by the client (more often than not, on the production’s dime).

Progress Updates:

The moment HERO learns your product was featured we alert you. These updates often include photos from the set confirming the use (for internal use only… but they’ll give your team a great idea what kind of screen exposure they might expect when the project releases).

Archived Information:

Information enters the Sidekick constantly, but it never leaves! Our clients have ongoing access and can view the history of every project in which they participated.


Any time you wish, you can create custom Activity and Exposure date-specific reports that can be exported to Excel.

Media Value and Impressions:

The Sidekick does more than just wheres and whens, it also tells you how much! HERO tracks all of the pertinent data related to your on-screen exposures and makes it accessible on the Sidekick!


HERO is scanning eight to twelve hours of TV and OTT programming every single day and our in-house editor collects those results and posts them on your Sidekick page. Still photos and videos are uploaded as close to real-time as we can provide them and are ready for you to share.

The HERO Sidekick system makes it easy for you download your on-screen exposures and distribute them to your internal sales or social media team (some use restrictions may apply, but virtually everything can be utilized!). Nothing creates engaging Tweets, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat posts like sharing images of your brand being featured in a film or TV show.

With our HERO Sidekick, we’ll keep you better informed than Tony Stark with more transparency than Space Ghost. If you’d like a tour of the system, just ask!

Client Testimonials

“After eight years of working with HERO, I think it’s safe to say that we consider them a sound investment.”

Promotions Manager
Financial Times

“We have worked with Julie at HERO for over 10 years now. From day one HERO has been great to work with and helped turn Lumber Liquidators from a no name company to the largest supplier of hardwood flooring in the US.”

Lumber Liquidators

“I have worked with HERO frequently throughout my 22-year tenure here at Fox on dozens and dozens of films. I have always found [them] to be reliable and extremely trustworthy!”

VP, Production Resources
20th Century Fox

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