Client Telepaths

Anyone who has seen X-Men First Class knows that superheroes need to educate themselves before attempting to use their powers for good instead of evil. Well, like Charles Xavier, the HERO heroes get to know our clients’ brands so well it’s like we’re reading their minds!

HERO is no exception. Brands are more than just the package they come in or the service they provide; they are carefully crafted entities unto themselves, with their own histories and their own stories to be told. HERO understands this and, to make sure that the exposures we deliver are true to that story, we learn it and learn it well. And once we do, we collaborate with the brand to determine the nature of the material with which they would like to be associated, and which brand assets would be most appropriate to represent them on-screen.

Then there are the brand’s placement assets. Depending on the nature and marketing approach of the brand, all manner of things can be made available to productions for on-screen use. TV commercials and other video assets can be used for on-screen playback, digital art files of signage can be delivered to set via email, food products can be used for home dining or empty packaging can be used to stock the shelves of a supermarket set. Even the shipping boxes can get their time in the spotlight.

HERO is like Pandora or Spotify in that we are carefully monitoring the entertainment vehicles and opportunities that our clients are approving or disapproving and with each decision, we home in on the brand’s positioning.

Client Testimonials

“After eight years of working with HERO, I think it’s safe to say that we consider them a sound investment.”

Promotions Manager
Financial Times

“We have worked with Julie at HERO for over 10 years now. From day one HERO has been great to work with and helped turn Lumber Liquidators from a no name company to the largest supplier of hardwood flooring in the US.”

Lumber Liquidators

“I have worked with HERO frequently throughout my 22-year tenure here at Fox on dozens and dozens of films. I have always found [them] to be reliable and extremely trustworthy!”

VP, Production Resources
20th Century Fox

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