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Exposure is critical to the success of any brand. HERO’s proprietary product placement system delivers the best, most cost-effective, worldwide exposures available anywhere.

The team at Hero Product Placement helps brands big and small receive key exposure in movies, tv, on streaming networks and more

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Razer/Fate of the Furious

Razer, the #1 go-to laptop for gamers and hackers was perfect for Ludacris’ genius character in Fate of the Furious and the $10mil in media value the placement earned in the $1.6 bil-grossing film was perfect for Razer!

Billions/Wine Traders International

Hedgefund owner Axe and his wife can drink any wine in the world, in fact, they could buy the winery! Now the show’s well-heeled following knows they prefer Chateau Gaby Cuvee. Cheers!

Silicon Valley/Turkey Hill

Silicon Valley’s millennial characters enjoy Turkey Hill ice cream. Since HBO is ad free the only way to reach this show’s huge following is with product placement.

Side Kick

Every great superhero has a sidekick and we are no exception. But our sidekick does much more than bring the HERO mobile around!

Multi-Platform Exposure

From feature films to televisions to handheld devices, HERO’s clients are getting co-starring credit!

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In a secret fortress of solitude, hidden in plain view of Hollywood, a small but highly skilled team of superheroes gathers to plan and execute mega-placements. The HERO staff… unmasked!

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Greetings citizen! If you’re visiting this site there’s a very good chance that you already know that product placement in films, TV and OTT programming delivers super-powered exposure for brands. You know it’s the only advertising platform that thwarts commercial skipping and integrates your brand into pop culture with the help of international stars and celebrities. What you need to know is which agency will get your brand onto the screen and into homes.

With over 20 years of product placement experience, HERO has built solid relationships with all of the major studios, the most prolific production companies and key industry professionals who produce the content your customers consume.

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Other Than our Team Coming to Work in Unitards and Capes


Our identities may be secret, but the work we do for our clients is 100% visible!

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We go from opportunity to on set placement so fast The Flash once yelled, “Hey, wait up!”

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